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European Guild of Canine
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Canine Bowen Technique
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This page shows people who are registered as members of EGCBT or are current students of the EGCBT Practitioner course. Against each entry is their current EGCBT status :-
EGCBT graduates - Switzerland 2013
•  FM - Full Membership registration lasts for 12 months and is renewable on satisfaction of the requirements for continuing membership. Currently these requirements are that the member has successfully completed the Practitioner course, and additionally has undertaken to :-
•  hold a valid Certificate of Professional Indemnity Insurance which includes working with dogs *,
•  agree to abide by a strict Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct,
•  continue to maintain and develop their Canine Bowen Technique skills each year
•  L1 or L2 - A status indicator of L1 or L2 denotes a current student of the Practitioner course who has completed either Level 1 or Level 2 of instruction in Canine Bowen Technique.

•  CP - In non-UK countries some entries are shown as CP (Certified Practitioner). These are people who have satisfactorily completed the Practitioner course, but are unable to satisfy all the requirements for Full Membership of EGCBT due to constraints imposed by local or national laws.
* We do not keep details of each practitioner’s current insurance cover, so always check beforehand that the practitioner you see is fully insured to work with dogs
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UK Practitioners of Canine Bowen Technique are now shown on the CBTA UK website - click here